Friday, June 29, 2012


Thank God it's Friday right??!! The weekend is finally here!! I'm not really doing much. I'm still trying to recover from last weekend!! I want to thank you all for your support with my fashion blog!! I have reached 1000 views this week!! THANKS A MILLION!! I have been really loving the fall collections so's filled with bright colors & prints, tights, and those little hats from Paris!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I have been dying to get some of those American flag shorts...I can't seem to find any around. Of course I can do online, but I'm afraid they may not if you guys know of any stores that are selling them...LET ME KNOW!! Enjoy the weekend guys!



Splendid slim shirt
€49 -

Vero Moda denim vest
£15 -

Gucci cork wedge heels
£540 -



Splendid slim fit shirt
€49 -

Cotton blazer
$130 -

Short skirt
£12 -

Vintage style heels
$112 -

H M clutch handbag
£13 -

$34 -

Thursday, June 28, 2012

FALL 2012

Today has been so boring until just now... ( : I know fall isn't here yet....but I just had to get a look at this fall's fashion RTW collections...I LOVE THEM!!!! Here are a few collections from Fall's RTW

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

HEY!! Yes I know I haven't written to you guys all week!! My weekend started off TERRIBLE! It slowly started to get better. It was definitely filled with the good, the bad, and the ugly! Luckily things ended on a great note! Here in Orlando it has been raining since last Thursday. I'm hoping for some sunshine today. I'm in a contest, and the theme is black & pink. Easy enough right? I just HATE those colors together. Don't get me wrong, the combo is nice. I just don't like that everyone wears them. I guess I have to make my outfits stand out. WISH ME LUCK! Have a great week everyone!!


Left a Good Job in the City

Left a Good Job in the City

Willow sleeveless tank
£95 -

Drape jacket

Current/Elliott denim shorts
$148 -

Oxford flat shoes
$56 -

ASOS metal clutch
$30 -

Vintage sunglasses
$32 -

Abundance of Wildflowers
$219 -

You the One

You the One

Willow sleeveless tank top
£95 -

Tall jacket
$80 -

Skinny fit jeans
$180 -

Zara shoes
$50 -

Cross bag
$2,350 -