Monday, May 28, 2012


So before you start saying there's more fish in the sea, you shoud know that I have searched and searched and so far I found a whole bunch of cheating jerk off fishys. I recently had two horrible break ups. My first break up was with a guy I dated for two weeks when I found out he made out with another girl when he would kiss me everyday after and before every class. I found out that he made out with this girl after he already changed his relationship status to single just so he could talk to girls but when I asked him he said that we were stil together he just felt like changing it on facebook. Then my second break up probably a week after that one I started dating this guy I met with me and my friend he asked if we wanted to hangout and we started calling each other like every night and we both really liked each other but I had to move to Florida, and he knew that and still asked me out so we did long distance for awhile he always told me not to meet other guys and not to dumo him and that we were gonna be together forever so I fell for him hardd... then a few nights after he said that he made me wait worried all day for him not online and not calling then at 11:24 at night he dumped me saying that dont be madd, when he is the one that told me not to dump himmm. So as you see love hasnt really been good to me these years. What do I doo?

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